Help Using This Site

1) There is a technical problem with the website, who should I inform?

If links don’t work on the site or you have other feedback, email the website administrator.

2) How does the search function work?

The search box on the homepage provides a full text based search system.
Therefore you can search by the name of the centre, town, suburb, State/Territory or even part of a centre's name, town, suburb or State/Territory.

For example:
A search using ‘fitz’ will reveal 4 CLC’s in Fitzroy, Victoria and one in Fitzory Crossing, WA.
A search using ‘disab’ will reveal 5 CLC’s each with the word ‘disability’ in their name.

Each column in the search result is sortable by clicking on the arrows at the top of the column so you can sort search results by name, town, or State or Territory.

3) I have a specific CLC I want to volunteer at. How do I find out if they are seeking volunteers?

If you know the name of the legal centre, suburb or town type it into the search field on the homepage and click on 'search'. If you only know part of the name type that into the search function and it should come up.

If you do not know the name of the legal centre you wish to volunteer at, simply click on the picture of your state or territory on the home page and it will list all the CLC’s in your state or territory.

Look for the colour of the traffic light adjacent to the name of the CLC in the search result. A green light indicates that the CLC is presently seeking volunteers while a red light means that they are not.

If you click on the name of the centre you are interested in, you will see information about that centre, contact details and information about any volunteering opportunity that exists.

Remember to check back frequently to see which CLCs are seeking volunteers as the site is updated regularly.

4) I have a question about volunteering at CLCs generally – how can I find the answer?

Select " what to expect as a volunteer". If your question is not covered, email your question to the administrator.

5) We have changed the times and days we need volunteers.  What do we do?

If a Centre needs to change any details at any time please email the administrator and changes will be made within 5 working days (usually sooner).



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