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CLC Volunteers is a joint project of the Australian Pro Bono Centre (APBC) and the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC).

The APBC is an independent centre of expertise that aims to grow the capacity of the Australian legal profession to provide pro bono legal services that are focused on increasing access to justice for socially disadvantaged and/or marginalised persons, and furthering the public interest.

NACLC is the peak national body for CLCs in Australia; NACLC's members are the state and territory peak bodies of CLCs. Together, these organisations represent around 200 CLCs in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote locations across Australia. Some Family Violence Prevention Legal Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Legal Services choose to join state and territory CLC associations and also come under the NACLC umbrella.

CLC Volunteers was devised in order to make it easier for members of the public, both lawyers and non-lawyers to find relevant information about how to volunteer at a community legal centre in an appropriate geographic location.

This website explains the benefits of volunteering at a CLC, the attributes and skills that volunteers need and the type of work that volunteers do on its What to Expect as a CLC Volunteer - FAQs page.










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